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MIcrobial Diversity within the vicinity of the Concordia Antarctic Station (MIDAS) -

Italian National Program for Antarctic Research project

The project aims at investigating the microbial distribution and diversity in the Antarctic ice sheet to elucidate microbial adaptation/resistance to extreme conditions along with the effect of the anthropogenic impact. In order to monitor the microbial diversity within the vicinity of the Concordia Station this tree-years proposal foresees the analysis of snow/ice samples collected at the following locations: i) outer region of Concordia research area and ii) relative “pristine”-like area (in relative distance) to the Concordia research area.
Moreover, as the Earth’s frozen polar regions are considered analogues of near-surface environments of Mars and of the Jupiter’s icy moon Europa, the results of this proposal will be relevant for astrobiology research programs aimed at searching life beyond Earth.

Near Concordia Station, 10 m

500 m from Concordia Station

1000 m from Concordia Station

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